Guide: How to Sell Notes

Guide: How to Sell Notes

1. How to Sell Notes

1. Go to My Library and navigate to the Documents tab

2. Click on the blue button to add a new document

3. Give it a title and select the template of your choice

4. Fill it out as you'd like and preview your finished work in Options

5. Once you're done previewing your work and everything looks good, go ahead on click on "Publish for Sale"

6. Choose from the options for the following categories:

  • Type of Study Material
  • Discipline Category
  • Discipline Subcategory

7. Give your notes a good description for potential buyers to preview before purchasing

8. Add in keywords (separated by commas) to help people find your notes

9. Select a school your work is associated with (You can also choose "I can't find my University or I do not work for one")

10. Label the Course Name and Course Code your notes are for 

11. Decide whether you want to publish for free or select a price and click on "Publish"

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