Evidence: Plea and Plea-Related Statements (Rule 410)

Table of contents
Chapter One. Plea and Plea-Related Statements
1.1 - The Rule
1.2 - Historical Origins
1.3 - Prohibited Evidence Under the Rule
1.3.1 - Rule 410(a)(1) and withdrawn guilty pleas
1.3.2 - Rule 410(a)(2) and nolo contendere pleas
1.3.3 - Federal Rule of Evidence 410(a)(3) and statements made during plea proceedings
1.3.4 - Rule 410(a)(4) and statements made during plea discussions
1.4 - Permissible Evidence Under the Rule
1.4.1 - Rule 410(b)(1) and the rule of completeness
1.4.2 - Rule 410(b)(2) and perjury/false statement proceedings
1.5 - Waivers
1.6 - Rule 410 Motions
Evidence: Plea and Plea-Related Statements (Rule 410)
1st Edition
Colin Miller
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Table Of Contents
Evidence: Plea and Plea-Related Statements

Colin Miller

The John Marshall Law School





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Introduction.1. About the Author

Professor Miller teaches Evidence, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law, and Civil Procedure. He is the creator and Blog Editor of EvidenceProf Blog of the Law Professor Blogs Network. He is the Editor of Illinois Criminal Procedure and drafted a 100 page report comparing the Federal Rules of Evidence to Illinois evidentiary principles, which was used in the creation of the first Illinois Rules of Evidence.

Professor Miller received his B.A. degree with distinction from the University of Virginia and his J.D. (Order of the Coif) from the William & Mary Law School.

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